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Good Golf & Effective Analytics

After a very cold and snowy winter, I know I’m not alone in having golf on the brain.  And like a lot of golfers this time of year, I’ve been thinking about how to improve my game.

Some guys I play with spend the winter shopping for new clubs. They’re convinced that new driver technology will straighten them out off the tee and those new wedges will shave a few strokes, too.

But lucky for me (and my checkbook), I learned a long time ago that new clubs do only so much for my game. Practice is more important for me, as is having a consistent pre-shot approach and a unique strategy for different types of courses and rounds.

What’s all this have to do analytics? Quite a bit, actually.

There’s no doubt that analytics software – like golf clubs – is more sophisticated and powerful today than ever before. There’s almost nothing you can’t track in terms of user behaviors on the Web and who’s seeing your online ads. Still, as with golf, there’s a lot more to analytics success than having the latest, greatest (and most expensive) tools.

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