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Digital Media: 2012 Trends to Watch

The turn of a new year always brings a slew of analyst predictionsDigital Media: 2012 Trends to Watch about how markets will change, but this piece in particular caught our eye because it speaks directly to the way in which digital media is permeating every aspect of life and breaking down traditional barriers between channels.

Bottom line: the digital media space continues to undergo unprecedented level of change at a pace that was previously unheard of. This is rapid revolution, not gradual evolution.

Digital Media Trends We’re Tracking for 2012

Just consider a few of our favorite fast facts:

  • Multi-channel surfing: “According to data from Yahoo/Nielsen, 86% of web users now use a mobile device while watching TV,” reports Mashable.
  • Apps saving publishers:  “The Guardian revealed that its app has been installed more than 4 million times and is driving more than 1 million additional daily pageviews for the publication.”
  • TV goes online: “While current estimates suggest about 35 million people have an Internet connected TV (either via the device itself, a set-top box or a gaming console), 65% of TVs sold in 2012 will be connected TVs.”
  • Music in the cloud means music in the car: “Pandora users can now listen to their music through their car stereo in BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and GMC vehicles, among others. And the online music service now accounts for nearly 4% of all radio listenership in the U.S.”

As mind-blowing as these numbers are, part of the untold story is the operational challenges they present.

It’s not all about the whiz-bang technology on the front end, but also about how communications firms, publishers and other players in the digital media space can pay off the promise of a great user experience with real efficiency and effectiveness in their back-office operations, particularly online ad sales.

Similarly, the ability to manage change and a wide range or interdependent initiatives may also be a competitive difference maker as the digital media era matures in 2012 and beyond.

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