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Recapping the Digital Holidays

iphoneNow that the egg nog is all gone and the unwanted gifts have been returned, it’s time to take a look back at the holiday shopping season to analyze just how digital, social and mobile it was.

This was a hugely mobile holiday shopping season, according to this eMarketer report. More than 80% of shoppers used their phones to research or browse for gifts (up from approximately 65% in 2011). Almost 75% actually bought gifts via mobile, an improvement of nearly 20% from 2011.

And if you went to the mall this holiday season, you won’t be surprised to learn that:

Of 18- to 34-year-olds … almost half said their phone [was] a faster resource for accessing information than asking a store associate.

Meanwhile, social shopping (at least on Black Friday) was not exactly a doorbuster – with Twitter and Facebook delivering far less than 1% of traffic for ecommerce purchases. That seemingly miniscule figure speaks to what some have called the “social commerce attribution problem.”

In other words, it’s hard to measure social influence on shopping without a direct link into an online shopping site. This issue – both in terms of defining the right metrics to measure social engagement and how to track consumers as they move across channels and platforms – will be among the hottest topics in digital analytics during 2013.

Overall, comScore tallied $42.3 billion in online holiday sales, up 14% from last year. Not bad, which reminds us that Black Friday 2013 is only 325 days or so away!

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