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Favorites to Win the Super Social Bowl

footballBig brands are taking a range of approaches to the big game – at least in terms of measuring the social impact of their ads, according to this report. Several brands – like GoDaddy and major carmakers – are focused on on-site traffic and its link to sales, though they will monitor social for sentiment analysis. As one observer put it:

“How many Facebook ‘likes’ a brand gets is just the tip of the iceberg. You can actually tie on-site data to test drives and sales, and that is what clients really care about.”

Using metrics linked to core objectives – that’s a clear digital analytics best practice.

Pepsi, meanwhile, is measuring brand equity aross all channels – including major social media outlets, its mobile apps and its brand site. That comprehensive, multi-platform view is defintely the way to go in terms of tracking overall returns on $3-4 million investment for a 30-second spot.

Bud Light, which always goes big on Super Bowl Sunday, has major plans in place. But this year marks its first Super Bowl with a branded Twitter account. Last year, it had no such presence, “because Twitter hadn’t yet installed an age gate for fans under 21.” That’s yet more evidence that social media is growing up.


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