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10 Burning Digital Issues or 1 Big Burning Platform?

why the top 10 burning digital issues are actually one big connected platformcomScore recently published a list of the top ten burning issues in digital.

There were some interesting data nuggets about media consumption (and how having more screens leads to more time spent on all of them). But, overall, the list of “burning issues” contained no real surprises:

  1. Big Data
  2. e-Commerce
  3. Social Media
  4. Shift of Ad Spending to Digital
  5. Audience Targeting vs. Media Location
  6. Measuring Digital Media Campaigns
  7. Growth of Smartphones & Tablets
  8. Multi-Platform Media Planning & Analysis
  9. Real-Time Marketing Insights
  10. Privacy

What struck us was how nearly every item on the list is so closely intertwined with the others that it seemed like it’s actually about one big burning platform. No doubt that’s how many companies view the digital world.

Why the Top 10 Burning Digital Issues Add Up to 1 Big Burning Platform

For instance, big data (#1) has huge privacy implications (#2), as we’ve discussed in our take on how big data equals big risk. So do social media (#3), audience targeting (#5) and the growth of smartphones and tablets (#7).

Similarly, measuring digital campaigns (#6) is closely linked with smartphone and tablet growth (#7), multi-platform media planning and analysis (#8), real-time marketing insights (#9) and, of course, social media (#3).

The point is, one must take a holistic view of all the mega-drivers, big-picture trends and emerging tools and channels. Mastering the digital world requires an understanding of how all the elements fit together – not figuring out one item on the list and then moving on to the next.

That’s one reason why we recommend companies chart a strategic course to digital success. Trend-chasing and extinguishing fires (or burning issues) are endless, but clearly articulated strategies that link the full range of digital programs to core objectives provide a lasting foundation for success.

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