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The Social Bowl Scorecard

Foam FingerThe 49ers and the Ravens were not the only teams keeping score during the recent big game. As we pointed out previously, the Super Social Bowl featured unprecedented activity by both companies and fans. There were clear winners (Twitter, Oreos, and Doritos) and losers (Facebook, GoDaddy and Google+). The advertisers and their digital analytics teams will be digging through their numbers – see our favorites below – to figure out how much value they created for their investment in all forms of digital marketing.

  • 231,500 tweets were posted each minute during the game’s half-hour delay, and 24.1 million tweets were posted by the start of the second half, Twitter reports.
  • 33,323 tweets mentioned #Doritos, the most popular hashtag from this year’s Super Bowl advertisers, declares PRDaily.
  • 75% of brands integrated social, mobile, hashtags, or apps into their commercials, according to Forbes.
  • 50% of commercials included a Twitter mention or hashtag. Meanwhile, only 8% referenced Facebook and zero ads mentioned Google+, according to this report.
  • 78 GB of data, “equal to 234,000 social-media posts with photos or more than 10 straight days of streaming, high-definition video,” were used by spectators inside the New Orleans Superdome between 8 and 9 PM ET (from the start of halftime until the end of the game delay), says the Washington Post.
  • A record-breaking million viewers streamed the game online, according to this report from CBS Sports.
  • 4.4 million American workers likely called in late on Monday, if predictions from a study conducted by the Workforce Institute at Kronos proved correct.

Many are touting this year’s event as the most social Super Bowl ever, and with stats like these it’s easy to see why. And what does it say about the current state of advertising that a social media spot seemed to be the favorite ad?

But if all these numbers show anything, it’s that social strategies continue to evolve and effective analytics and tracking are still the heart and soul of effective digital marketing. And who knows? It could become the heart and soul of effective football coaching one day.

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