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Digital Analytics Tipping Point

shutterstock_127278740Nielsen’s big announcement that it would begin to count Internet-connected TVs as part of its standard ratings for TV struck us a big deal, especially when paired with Billboard’s decision to include YouTube views in its calculation of the Hot 100 chart. However you feel about “Harlem Shake,” this is mostly good for marketers and publishers alike. While the change won’t have a major immediate impact, the reaction was understandable:

In some media corners on Thursday, the reaction was summarized in a word: Finally. Television executives who have long prodded Nielsen to evolve — and been disappointed before — said they would wait and see how far the company actually goes in counting online views.

Of course, it’s important to remember that:

These problems will only worsen in the years to come as new technologies further erase the boundaries that once existed between television and Internet; newspaper and cable news network; video and article.

Throw in the diversity of devices and content fragmentation, and the challenge for analytics professionals and digital marketers only increases.

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