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Analytics Trends: Google Goes Universal

Infinitive Analytics Google Analytics goes universalGoogle released a public beta of its new Universal Analytics toolset a few months back, and it’s a big step forward in terms of measuring cross-platform and cross-channel consumer behavior.

The new ‘Measurement Protocol’ updates traditional Google Analytics code and allows for raw user interaction data to be captured and transmitted from “any device that captures and transmits data,” according to this analysis of the beta release from Marketing Land’s Nan Dawkins.

That could potentially make it easier to track metrics like offline conversions, social media interactions and even CRM data. Additionally, the beta includes a new parameter for tracking visitors across multiple devices called User ID (UID).

That’s all to the good, but, as Dawkins points out, there are still barriers to adoption. For one thing, many organizations will need to understand their specific needs and ensure they have the right analytical skills and resources in place before deploying. Check out this Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics guide  – developed with SlingshotSEO – to see where the journey begins.

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