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AWS Business Intelligence Solutions

Infinitive specializes in bringing your data to life in the AWS Cloud. In an entirely cloud-native analytics platform, Infinitive’s customers are able to leverage the speed, low-cost, and availability of AWS QuickSight to gain business insight quickly and efficiently.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we excel in building effective and sustainable QuickSight solutions for our customers to help them achieve their most pressing business intelligence needs. We have delivered solutions that have achieved infrastructure savings of up to 90% month over month, compared to traditional technology stacks.

QuickSight Benefits

Low Cost

No upfront costs, no annual commitments, and nor charges for native users. QuickSight’s pay-per-session pricing means you only pay for what you use.



Automatic scaling from tens of user to tens of thousands without any infrastructure management.

End-to-End Data Pipelines

QuickSight easily integrates with your cloud and on premises data sources.

Embedded Dashboards

Enhance your applications with embedded QuickSight dashboards. 

We can help you get more value out of your data!