Financial Services

Driving the Future through Increased Customer Engagement, Higher Revenue and Lower Costs

What We Deliver

ROI from compliance cost savings and reduced regulatory fines
agile-enablement iconStronger results and outcomes via Agile, technology and data architectures
Efficiency gains via streamlining policies and procedures
cloud-migration iconUtilizing data as an asset via cloud migrations and transformations

Mortgage Providers: Are You Ready for the Single Security?

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How We Help

While every organization and engagement has unique objectives, we assist with:

  • Partnering across lines of business and functions to create strategies and roadmaps that drive program success and adoption of new solutions
  • Activating Agile teams to implement solutions efficiently and promote culture change to drive user enablementand adoption
  • Leveraging cloud, DevOps, data management platforms, identity and access management, data architecture and data analytics and reporting to enhance customer experiences and realize back-office efficiencies
  • Consolidating customer data for insights and attribution modeling to enable, automate and optimize AdTech and MarTech capabilities
  • Creating and executing specific use cases for customer acquisition, retention and growth, including cross-selling, upselling and new product development
  • Driving efficiencies and revenue via business process optimization and Agile process improvements

Our solutions for ongoing operations drive continuous improvement and sustain operational excellence in critical functions and processes. They are delivered via:

  • Skilled resources: We provide the right business and technical teams for your needs – when, where and how you need them
  • Solutions:  We are vendor neutral and have a non-biased point of view in evaluating technologies and solutions to benefit your business
  • Managed services: High-value, results-driven approach to run critical processes and support key technologies in an ongoing cost-efficient manner

Who We Work With

Our extensive client list in financial services includes:

  • Top 10 bank holding company
  • Leading mortgage provider
  • Credit card division of global bank
  • Multinational financial services conglomerate
  • Mortgage solutions provider

What Clients Say

  • “Infinitive’s people think strategically and are detail-oriented, too. We structured our project approach to efficiently gather high-quality data that could be used to drive performance improvements moving forward.”
    Director, Leading U.S. Financial Services Firm

Why Top Brands Choose Infinitive

  • Urgency: We move quickly to produce specific, realistic and actionable recommendations you can execute on now for immediate and tangible improvements.
  • Collaboration: The best solutions are designed by teams working together and deployed by hands-on experts.
  • Success: Our track record is unparalleled in delivering tangible value on investments in organizational change, new technology deployments and process re-engineering
  • Knowledge: Our people know how to leverage technology to create value for business – we are industry and functional experts, not just tech people.
  • Perspective: We see the big picture because we work with both the buy and sell sides and have held senior positions at both brands and media properties.
  • Independence: We are 100% committed to client success and fully independent and transparent in dealing with agencies, technology providers and other stakeholders

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