Financial Services

Taking Advantage of Digital Disruption to Transform and Operate More Effectively

What We Deliver

ROI from compliance cost savings and reduced regulatory fines
agile-enablement iconStronger results and outcomes via Agile, technology and data architectures
Efficiency gains via streamlining policies and procedures
cloud-migration iconUtilizing data as an asset via cloud migrations and transformations

Mortgage Providers: Are You Ready for the Single Security?

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What We Do

While every engagement and every client’s objectives are unique, we usually work on:

  • Digital organizational design
  • Agile enablement
  • Cloud migration and data transformation
  • Agile portfolio management
  • Business process optimization/agile process improvement
  • Data management design/implementation of data management platforms
  • Cultural change and end-user adoption
  • Marketing strategy and transformation
  • Customer data strategy
  • Product optimization and lifecycle management

Our solutions for ongoing operations drive continuous improvement and sustain operational excellence in critical functions and processes. They are delivered via:

  • Skilled resources: We provide the right people and teams for your needs – when, where and how you need them.
  • Managed services: High-value, results-driven approach to run critical processes and support key technologies.

Who We Work With

  • Top 10 bank holding company
  • Leading mortgage provider
  • Credit card division of global bank
  • Multinational financial services conglomerate
  • Mortgage solutions provider

What Clients Say

  • “Infinitive’s people think strategically and are detail-oriented, too. We structured our project approach to efficiently gather high-quality data that could be used to drive performance improvements moving forward.”
    Director, Leading U.S. Financial Services Firm

Why Top Brands Choose Infinitive

  • Urgency: We move quickly to produce specific, realistic and actionable recommendations you can execute on now for immediate and tangible improvements.
  • Collaboration: The best solutions are designed by teams working together and deployed by hands-on experts.
  • Success: Our track record is unparalleled in delivering tangible value on investments in organizational change, new technology deployments and process re-engineering
  • Knowledge: Our people know how to leverage technology to create value for business – we are industry and functional experts, not just tech people.
  • Perspective: We see the big picture because we work with both the buy and sell sides and have held senior positions at both brands and media properties.
  • Independence: We are 100% committed to client success and fully independent and transparent in dealing with agencies, technology providers and other stakeholders

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