Order Management Systems

Optimize the Value from Your Order Management System (OMS)

What & How We Deliver

Our proven approach is built on the following steps:

  • Business requirements definition & process design
  • Functional design and integration architecture
  • Customized training
  • Product catalog design
  • Reporting requirements
  • System and user acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Program/project management, implementation plan, and communications plan

Ready to Dial Up Your OMS Value?

In the market for a new OMS now that DoubleClick Sales Management is being deprecated? Learn how we can help you with next steps.

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Why Top Brands Choose Infinitive

  • Empathy and experience: Infinitive has worked with more than half of the world’s top ten media companies. We have been doing order management system implementations for over 15 years, and have been involved in 70+ successful projects. And we’ve sat in our clients’ shoes, having held senior management positions in ad operations, sales and other areas at large media and publishing groups.
  • Industry leadership: Through direct engagement and close collaboration with leading vendors and large client organizations, we’ve helped shape the development and evolution of order management software during the last decade.
    Satisfied clients: Not to brag, but ask around and you’ll find that we’re viewed as gold-standard implementation partners. That’s why the best-known brands across 20+ industries have utilized our team.
  • Proven value-adding methodology: Optimizing your OMS is 20% technology configuration and 80% inspiration – that is, strategies for mapping business goals to specific features and functionality, optimizing product catalogs, maintaining data quality and managing organizational change. And we’re 100% into the configuration details – you could say we’re passionate about the plumbing!
  • Client-first, vendor-friendly approach: We ensure your OMS delivers precisely the firepower and functionality your business needs, working in the way that fits your unique product set, workflows and tech stack. We take advantage of all that OMS vendors have to offer, making sure you fully use every feature, module, widget and license you paid for.
  • Change management: Our focus on training, documentation and knowledge transfer gets users actually using the tools. That avoids the dreaded downward spiral where stakeholders question the value of the OMS or use it inconsistently. Because we’re digital therapists at heart, we help ensure everyone – ad ops, sales teams, accounting – see the goodness of the OMS.

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