Video: Infinitive’s Jim McGinn to Speak on FinOps at CloudyCon

Published August 12, 2019
CEO Denis McFarlane sits down with Infinitive’s Technology Practice Lead Jim McGinn to discuss his involvement in the inaugural CloudyCon conference. Jim will present on financial operations in cloud-based environments, otherwise known as FinOps. According to the FinOps Foundation (of which Jim is a member), “FinOps enables a shift — a combination of systems, best practices and culture — to increase an organization’s ability to understand cloud costs and make tradeoffs. In the same way that DevOps revolutionized development by breaking down silos and increasing agility, FinOps increases the business value of cloud by bringing together technology, business and finance professionals with a new set of processes.”

At CloudyCon, Jim will focus on a few key attributes of the emerging FinOps mindset and ideas for leaders of finance functions to consider:  
  • As companies move to the cloud, they are constantly looking to understand the costs of applications in the cloud and to find ways to lower those costs.
  • FinOps is all about having a strong business case. For instance, every one of Infinitive’s developers is trained to consider how to design cloud-based environments and infrastructures to meet clients’ business needs, while still saving money and increasing security. 
  • In one case, Infinitive was able to save a company 50% on total month-by-month costs for certain applications by optimizing the underlying architecture.  
CloudyCon will take place in San Francisco, September 10-12.