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Infinitive helps financial services companies accelerate innovation ​securely and confidently with Infinitive’s Cloud Governance Framework.

As a risk and compliance leader, you are focused on keeping your organization secure and compliant, managing performance, and avoiding data leaks and security breaches to stay ahead of the competition. But moving your organization to the cloud can be fraught with financial, security, and reputational risks.

Cloud Governance Opportunities
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We drive the specific business outcomes desired and user-driven approaches to advance business priorities and/or minimize risks or cost by allowing you to:

  • Launch new customer-facing applications and services in days vs. weeks
  • Ensure applications are available 24/7 with zero downtime
  • Improving overall cyber security posture over time
  • Reducing costs through decreased storage and server maintenance
  • Providing transparency and continuously monitoring of cloud resources
  • Maintaining brand reputation by avoiding data leaks
  • Staying ahead and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements

This Is How We Do It

Infinitive’s Cloud Governance Framework helps your organization with:

  • Organizing the LOBs and enterprise to protect the data and platforms
  • Maximizing DevOps and developers’  productivity  while maintaining your risk posture
  • Automating workflows to reduce compliance expenses
  • Simplifying cloud resource management
  • Providing controlled access to sensitive data
  • Enhancing your overall cloud security in just 90 days

Why Work with Infinitive

Infinitive’s cloud governance experts are dedicated to improving your organizations governance and security challenges. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Snowflake Partner, we implement multi-cloud expertise with a security-first focus mindset while ensuring you can compete successfully in the marketplace.

We provide a holistic approach to governance, data access, and data protection that drives innovation and business outcomes by creating a custom cloud framework that is agile, cost-efficient, and protects the organization.

We can help you get more value out of your data!