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Infinitive helps industry leaders like you reduce costs and increase revenue by implementing our proven Observability Framework. We help implement Datadog to detect and analyze events within operations, software development cycles, and end-user experiences.

Observability Opportunities

Infinitive’s Observability Framework and expertise supports organizations in the:

  • Reduction of data silos to better understand dependencies across applications
  • Avoidance of manual configuration associated with tagging and agents
  • Circumvention of review associated with irrelevant or redundant information within applications and systems

Benefits Realized

Infinitive’s Observability Framework and expertise is designed to help your organization:

  • Automate processes within operations and application teams
  • Dissect and troubleshoot application performance issues faster
  • Improve end-user experience to boost retention and satisfaction
  • Enable analytics to meet future business goals

Why Work With Infinitive

Infinitive’s observability experts are dedicated to resolving your organization’s IT and operational challenges. We help organizations assess existing monitors, logs, and traces for deficiencies and improvements, implement dashboards with alerting and monitoring functionality, and define future success within the observability space to allow for predictive analytics within the organization.

  • Datadog Gold Partner
  • Experience delivering new organizational capabilities such as rapid root cause analysis, single pane of glass management with dashboards, and early detection of system problems for a large healthcare organization
  • AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with deep experience in DevOps and DevSecOps

How We've Done It

Infinitive guided a large healthcare organization to create a data-driven, cross-functional engineering collaboration integrating separate product teams around Datadog Dashboarding technology. This enabled the client to deliver new organizational capabilities including:

  • Rapid root cause analysis
  • Single pane of glass management
  • Early detection of system problems

Infinitive continues to support the client in the reduction of costs associated with application monitoring and ensuring compliance.

Do you have broad visibility of your data landscape?
Can you pinpoint IT issues?

Download our whitepaper on    “The Business Case for Observability” to discover how to: 

  • reduce operational challenges
  • shorten remediation times
  • enhance customer experience
  • advance innovation
Take control over your complex systems! Watch Infinitive Live: Observability to learn more about the differences between observability and monitoring, the business benefits of observability, and Infinitive’s rapid root cause analysis framework. Recorded live February 2nd, 2023.

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