Top 7 Cloud Trends for 2020

Published February 20, 2020

Keeping an eye out for the future is important to keep your organization ahead. Clients today are hungry for innovation and rapid responses; gone are the days of waterfall development, multiyear engagements, and little to no consideration for user adoption. With this new shift in perspective, here is what we see developing in 2020:

1. Cloud Journey Management

The Trend: For organizations new to the cloud or those several years into the journey, we see more companies looking for opportunities to drive value at all stages of their cloud transition.

How We Can Help: We partner with clients at all phases of the journey to cloud—whether you need a cloud assessment and migration strategy, cloud governance plan, application architecture, cloud security engineering, or compliance frameworks built—our team of certified AWS architects can help.

2. Cyber, Cyber, Cyber…Compliance & Security

The Trend: AWS and cloud service providers have spent countless millions securing their clouds. It would be a missed opportunity to not take advantage of the cybersecurity services.

How We Can Help: From Day One, we build cybersecurity into everything we do. No matter what the requirements may be—FedRAMP, PCI, CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO—cybersecurity needs to be part of your plan.

3. Analytics

The Trend: There was a time when tools like Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server were the only business intelligence and query solutions available. With AWS launching in 2006, a revolution in analytics began. Now the focus is creating data that’s fit for use and using a data science mindset to understand the data-driven decisions a user or organization is trying to make—and letting that feed our analytics ecosystem in AWS.

How We Can Help: Infinitive can help you harness the power of AWS to fulfill all your data requirements. We help you identify the right AWS service to build queries, data lakes, and reports and to enable the building out of AI/ML functions.

4. Artificial Intelligence

The Trend: With so many great AWS AI services available, every organization should take advantage of these pre-built AI services. If you have voice, video, text, foreign language translations, forecasting, personalization and recommendations, or natural language processing needs, AWS has a solution for you.

How We Can Help: Infinitive helps you utilize native AWS AI services and can develop custom machine learning services and to build your own custom solution.

5. Tech Insertion

The Trend: The era of mega multimillion-dollar, multiyear tech investments with no results for long periods of time are gone. Creating a minimum viable product (MVP) to test will save you later in making wrong investments.

How We Can Help: With our proven tech insertion process, we can quickly pilot new technologies mapped to business processes in AWS to prove or disprove that a given technology will actually drive a return on investment for your business. We have a structured technology insertion team and process to pilot new technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), AI/ML, and Internet of things (IoT) analytics as examples.

6. Cloud FinOps (Financial Operations)

The Trend: Having a robust FinOps program is paramount to success. We’ve heard many clients say, “I don’t pay the AWS bills, so I don’t care how much it costs.” Wrong answer. No matter what your role is, everyone should be a good steward of money and every organization can drive costs down. In 2019, our team built an amazing AWS serverless IoT analytics application for ~$250 a month.

How We Can Help: At Infinitive, all of our developers, architects, and program managers working on cloud engagements are trained on FinOps from the beginning and we live the FinOps mindset from Day One of every engagement.

7. Voice Computing

The Trend: More industries are taking advantage of voice computing and automated speech recognition capabilities, such as Amazon Alexa. Be it automotive companies integrating Alexa into cars, such as Audi, Ford, BMW or K-12 or higher education institutions integrating Alexa into the classroom, more and more applications and companies are taking advantage of Amazon Alexa.

How We Can Help: Infinitive has a robust Alexa development and training capability to help you build custom programs and skills.

How are you preparing your organization for these emerging technology trends?

At Infinitive, we approach technology challenges from a business perspective, not just a technical one. We are results-obsessed, agile, and engaged, and we bring deep industry experience. We understand your unique needs, having often sat in your seat. Let us take you and your organization to the next level by helping you stay ahead of the competition and utilize technology to speed up operations, reduce operational costs, and impact revenue growth.