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As a Databricks Consulting Partner, we help our clients leverage the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform for data ingestion and engineering, machine learning, and data governance and compliance initiatives. Our team determines the best data transformation, modernization, and management strategies to deliver valuable insights.

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Databricks Solutions

Live Streaming Sports Ad Inventory Forecasting​

Infinitive’s streaming sports advertising inventory solution helps media companies maximize revenue potential by developing more accurate ad inventory forecasts with AI-driven logic that can react dynamically to many inputs throughout the season. ​

Cyber Data Solutions

Cybersecurity is data-driven. Infinitive Cyber Data Solutions empowers cyber organizations by leveraging the Databricks Unified Lakehouse Platform to harness big data and streamline threat detection and analysis, while reducing costs and enhancing response accuracy.​
Data Privacy

Higher Education Data & Analytics​

Infinitive helps Higher Education customers establish foundational cloud and data capabilities, then grow data maturity one use case at a time – guided by a Quickstart data strategy. AI-based solutions take this a step further, such as predicting student persistence to proactively address potential issues. Our approach focuses on client enablement and long-term self-sufficiency. ​
Modernize your Data Stack

Lakehouse Migration​

Infinitive’s Lakehouse Migration solution empowers organizations to modernize their data stack and unlock the full potential of their data. By transitioning to an open, scalable lakehouse architecture, companies can streamline data pipelines, reduce costs, and gain powerful new data insights that drive business value.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Starter Kit

Our RAG solution helps you build high-quality generative AI applications that leverage your organization’s data to provide accurate, relevant and up-to-date responses via a chat interface. We guide you through the entire process of designing, implementing and deploying a robust RAG architecture utilizing the Databricks platform.​

AI Accelerator Program​

Accelerate your AI journey with Infinitive’s AI Accelerator Program – a holistic solution designed to fast-track your journey to AI innovation.​

Build Foundational AI Capabilities​

Establish the core capabilities needed to overcome the most significant barriers to successful AI adoption​

Develop an AI ​ Solution Prototype​

Develop an AI-based solution prototype to validate feasibility and value while demonstrating the AI solution lifecycle​

Create a ​ Plan to Scale​

Define roadmap and next steps for the organization to scale AI development and fully realize the potential of AI​

Foster an ​ AI Culture​

Foster a culture of continuous learning and iterative improvement to adapt to emerging AI technologies​

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We partner with the world’s leading technology companies bringing effective and sustainable ideas and solutions to achieve your business goals. With our deep industry knowledge, broad talent ecosystem, and proven business, technology, and ROI accelerators, we deliver outcomes that are customized, scalable, and aligned with your unique needs.

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