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As a Databricks Consulting Partner, we help our clients leverage the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform for data ingestion, data engineering, machine learning, data governance and compliance initiatives. Our team determines the best data transformation, modernization, and management strategies to deliver valuable insights.


Infinitve has partnered with Databricks to empower our clients with their cutting-edge Data Intelligence Platform, a revolutionary solution that combines the power of a Lakehouse architecture with advanced generative AI capabilities. This unified platform breaks down data silos, enabling seamless collaboration among data analysts, scientists, engineers, and business leaders through its open, cloud-based foundation.

The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform streamlines the entire data lifecycle, from ingestion and analytics to model deployment, leveraging open-source technologies and robust security features. Its intelligent data management capabilities automate data optimization, governance, and privacy, while providing natural language access and search functionality. This empowers users to unlock valuable insights, harness their data’s full potential, and drive business growth through AI-powered decision-making. With its user-friendly interface and seamless cloud integration, the platform ensures scalability, flexibility, and confidence in your data-driven initiatives.


As a Databricks partner, we can help you build, deploy, or migrate to the Databricks platform.

Data Lakehouse migration

Migration to Databricks lakehouse platform, including lakehouse build, migrating/optimizing ETL pipelines, and Unity Catalog migration. Focus on Snowflake and Redshift migrations.​

Cyber Data Solutions

Implementation of lakehouse-centric solutions to support cybersecurity use cases such as SIEM augmentation, incident response and AI-enhanced threat detection.​

Data Lakehouse Accelerator

Develop foundational cloud and data capabilities with options to add additional data sources, dashboards, governance and/or AI POCs. ​

Live Streaming Sports Ad Inventory Forecasting​

Enable media companies to more accurately forecast ad impressions, leveraging AI to evaluate dynamic data inputs such as team records and Vegas odds. ​
Assist in building a business case for cloud-based analytics, then develop foundational data capabilities and AI for a target use case such (e.g., student persistence). ​

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Starter Kit​

Leverage GenAI to provide accurate, tailored and content-rich responses though a chatbot for specific content and use cases (e.g., enterprise policies, training documentation)​

AI Accelerator Program​

Drive AI adoption though a value-driven POC, overcoming common obstacles such as data readiness.​​


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