Our Expertise

Companies continue to move to the cloud. Originally, the goal of most companies was to move to the cloud for more variable and cheaper infrastructure. Over the past several years, enterprises have found that the capabilities available in public clouds like AWS “above the infrastructure” are at least as compelling as the reduced infrastructure costs. Access to sophisticated DevSecOps tools, container management capabilities, and advanced database capabilities are among the reasons companies are expanding their public cloud migrations.

More recently, easy access to third party data in the public cloud has been increasing the momentum of cloud migrations. As an AWS Advanced Tier Service Partner, Infinitive has extensive experience helping companies migrate to the public cloud. Our proven cloud migration methodology expands on AWS’ Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) by adding business case development and change management activities to the MAP approach.

In 2011, Marc Andreesen claimed, “software is eating the world”. Twelve years later Andreesen has been proven correct. The importance of software to technology and non-technology companies alike has never been greater. Yet many enterprises still struggle to keep up. They are tied to a past of legacy monolithic applications that can only be advanced by large teams of developers working in lockstep.

Some companies have torn down their monolithic applications and moved to full stack development where small development teams work quickly and independently to accelerate the pace of change. Infinitive has extensive experience in all aspects of modern, full stack development from DevSecOps to microservices to container-based deployment and continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Strategic Data Planning

Infinitive’s Higher Education Strategic Data Planning provides higher education institutions with the clarity and alignment needed to effectively assess a move to the cloud with AWS. We help university leaders and constituents build consensus around university-wide goals and challenges to formulate a business case for investment in the cloud to better leverage data as a superpower across the institution.