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Your Challenges

Infinitive helps organizations with their cloud migration journey’s by delivering end-to-end lifecycle capabilities including strategy, implementation, and change management to deliver impactful business results. The challenges of cloud migration we most often see are:

  • Misalignment on business objectives and resistance to cloud adoption
  • Lack of a clear strategy and understanding of cloud environments
  • Creating an adequate foundation to scale your cloud migration and adoption securely
  • Fragmented cloud governance and lack of standards
  • Addressing skill gaps to build a Cloud Center of Excellence

Our Solutions

Infinitive, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, has extensive experience helping companies migrate to the public cloud. Our proven cloud migration methodology expands on AWS’ Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) by:

  • Building a business case for investment in the cloud
  • Mapping current to future state
  • Carrying out optimization and modernization of the cloud to realize value
  • Running and monitoring applications and infrastructure

How We’ve Done it

Infinitive ensures that your business objectives are met while implementing risk mitigation strategies to help you start or improve your cloud journey on budget and with minimal disruptions. We’ve helped our clients:

  • Re-host application environments from on-premises to AWS
  • Architect and developed an AWS Landing Zone for entire application infrastructure using AWS services and DevOps tools
  • Write T-SQL scripts for additional automation for import/restore processes
  • Perform cost-savings analysis
  • Gain guidance on architecture, configuration, and technical processes of cloud migration

Why Work With Infinitive

Data is a critical asset in workload migrations to the cloud. Infinitive has proven business, technology, and process accelerators to expedite user adoption, save costs by reducing cycle times, and meet your business goals while your work is interrupted

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we understand migration needs are unique to each organization, and our proven and flexible framework will accommodate your unique business needs.