Data & Cloud Migration

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Organizations across industries want to transform their business through cloud technology to improve cost efficiency and agility while reducing risk. Eliminating costs, accelerating application deployment, and positioning cybersecurity first may be a common thread, but there is no cookie-cutter solution available since data and cloud migration requirements will be vastly different for each organization.

Infinitive is a transformation and technology consultancy that delivers end-to-end lifecycle capabilities including strategy, implementation, and change management to deliver impactful business results. Our proven track record of helping clients across multiple industries means we can ensure your business objectives are met while implementing risk mitigation strategies to successfully move you to the cloud on time, on budget, and with minimal disruptions.

Data and Cloud Migration Services

Infinitive’s expertise includes:

  • Data Modernization Assessment, Strategy, Roadmap
  • Data-Led Legacy Migration
  • Data Acquisition and Management
  • Data Security & Data Privacy
  • Data Governance and Standards
  • Cloud Data Warehouses
  • Cloud Data Lake
  • Insights and Analytics

This Is How We Do It

Infinitive leverages AWS and Snowflake best practices, experience, and Infinitive’s APPSRVD Migration Framework. Our framework migrates and integrates data from mainframes, SaaS, and RDBMS to data stores. We offer a proven and trusted approach to ensure your migration is successful and meets your business needs.


  • Understand the client’s business drivers and outcomes; build business case


  • Inventory the Data and Apps — Analyze all applications, languages, data models, networks, platforms, and processes; inter-relationships between applications and external integration points; store everything in a repository; use automated tools
  • Analyze legacy code
  • Understand Detailed Use Cases
  • Determine Migration Pattern


  • Map Current to Future State
  • Identify Complex POCs/MVPs (few POC test cases with the highest complexity)


  • Automated Refactoring — Baseline Inventory, Application Object Model, Target Stack Choices, Generate Digitalized code, Migrate Data, Code Quality Checks, Unit Testing


  • Functional Equivalence Testing
  • User Acceptance Test


  • Cutover to Prod
  • Run and Monitor Applications and Infrastructure

Infinitive also uses a range of power tools that provide quality, scale, automation, and repeatability:

Why Work with Infinitive

Data is a critical asset in workload migrations to the cloud. Infinitive has proven business, technology, and process accelerators to expedite user adoption, save costs by reducing cycle times, and meet your business goals while your work is uninterrupted.  

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Snowflake Select Partner, we understand migration needs are unique to each organization, and our proven and flexible framework will accommodate your unique business needs.

  • We will involve business stakeholders from Day 1 to ensure their interests are met and they are in lockstep with us every step of the way.
  • We incorporate Agile development and Cybersecurity best practices into our work from Day 1.
  • Our data-led migration teams start with business/technology/process accelerators leveraging proven practices, tools, frameworks, and change management.
We can help you get more value out of your data!