Your Challenges

Modern software development is a question of speed. Enterprises once developed monolithic applications that required large teams to fully cooperate in changing those applications. A waterfall method of development was used, and entire applications were changed and deployed into production all at once.

The result was a glacial rate of change for these monolithic applications. Releases of new applications were often done quarterly or even yearly and the speed of the release was dependent on the pace of the slowest development team involved. Additional full stack development challenges include:

  • Lack of experience working with a wide range of programming languages and frameworks
  • Limited technology stack
  • Managing font-end and back-end development

Our Solutions

The benefits of being able to develop and deploy software at “the speed of business” have been found to be a competitive advantage for businesses across industries. Infinitive has expertise and approaches to all aspects of modern software development, including the following major pillars:
  • DevSecOps
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Container Based Deployment
  • Continuous Development and Continuous Integration (CI/CD)

How We’ve Done it

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Why Work With Infinitive

With over 20+ years of consulting experience, Infinitive understands the need to quickly develop applications without having to wait for any dependencies. We collaborate with your organization to ensure that your databases are properly integrated, managed, and engaging to help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

  • AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

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