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Financial Services

Cloud technology continues to bring innovation opportunities to Financial Services companies. At Infinitive, we understand your priorities: delivering a customer experience that is revolutionary while at the same time ensuring application resiliency, meeting regulatory requirements, protecting everyone’s data, and maximizing the return on those technology investments. Our Financial Services experts help our clients navigate these complex challenges. Together, we leverage cloud technologies that help our clients launch new products and operating models, proactively mitigate risks, identify and monetize new revenue sources, and leverage their data to deliver results.

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The growth of online learning, enrollment uncertainty, tighter budgets, job market needs, and shifting student expectations are driving the education industry to quickly transform and innovate. Our professionals enable clients to access, secure, and monetize data to achieve their goals. Infinitive supports Higher Ed organizations by implementing comprehensive technology and change management strategies to increase enrollment, improve retention, and drive higher value programs. Leveraging EdTech will help organizations manage data to decrease costs, while increasing revenue and student experience.

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Media & Entertainment

As technologies advance, Media and Entertainment leaders race to adapt and grow their technology and data environments. We focus on driving the growth of your media business by connecting your content, consumers, and ad business across data solutions. Infinitive’s media professionals help our clients increase revenue, speed up operations, and implement new streaming solutions to engage consumers and transform business.

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The Healthcare industry is constantly evolving – from innovative technologies to care providers, payers, and patients. Infinitive guides our clients through the modernization of the healthcare system by supporting value-based care and operational efficiency while maintaining HIPAA compliance. We understand the importance of protecting patients by keeping their data secure. By working together, Infinitive can help our Healthcare clients adopt and improve their technology and data environments to provide faster, dynamic solutions.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Infinitive understands the importance of supporting social issues and advocating for change. Legacy technologies, poor data hygiene, and successfully retaining and engaging donors and/or members are some of the biggest challenges that Non-Profit Organizations face. Infinitive partners with Non-Profit Organizations to improve member retention, increase fundraising, clean data, and update technology to positively impact your mission. We invest time in the development of our team to deliver results that initiate change and help get the most value out of you data.

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Retail and Hospitality

Evolving technologies and changes in consumer behavior have drastically transformed the shopping experience and how retailers and hospitality businesses operate. Infinitive helps our clients navigate this fast-paced and growing environment by leveraging first party customer data and advertising solutions to enhance your customers’ experience, while maximizing your revenue stream.

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