The view that you built should be standardized across all applications. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from the people who have used it”

Head of Product, Major Healthcare Analytics Organization

Your Challenges

 Navigating the path to observability maturity presents many challenges, from the intricacies of tool selection and implementation to managing data overload and cultivating the necessary skills. Infinitive has the experience and expertise to help you overcome these challenges.

  • Complexity of Implementation: Integrating observability tools into existing infrastructure can be complex, potentially leading to delays and misconfigurations.
  • Data Overload and Noise: Managing excessive data and alerts generated by observability tools can result in alert fatigue and hinder timely issue identification.
  • Skill and Training Gaps: Staff often lack familiarity with the advanced capabilities of observability tools, hindering their ability to address complex use cases effectively.
  • Maturity Growth Challenges: Transitioning from basic monitoring capabilities to the ability to observe, detect, predict, and correct issues can be challenging, requiring a structured growth plan.

Our Solutions

 Infinitive has the expertise and best-practices frameworks to implement and advance your observability capabilities.

  • Customizable observability assessments: Leverage Infinitive’s proven baseline assessments to optimize existing observability capabilities or develop a tool and implementation strategy. Learn more…
  • Observability Tool Vendor Selection: Partner with Infinitive to define requirements, develop evaluation criteria and select an observability tool that meets your needs.
  • Datadog Tool Implementation: As a gold-tier Datadog partner, Infinitive brings deep experience and best practices to tool configuration and integration with your technical infrastructure.
  • Datadog Tool Acceleration:  Get beyond your initial implementation and realize the true benefits of observability with help from Infinitive. We’ll partner with your team to accelerate platform adoption tackle advanced use cases.

How We’ve Done it

Infinitive guided a large healthcare organization to create a data-driven, cross-functional engineering collaboration integrating separate product teams around Datadog Dashboarding technology. This enabled the client to deliver new organizational capabilities including:

  • Rapid root cause analysis
  • Single pane of glass management
  • Early detection of system problems Infinitive continues to support the client in the reduction of costs associated with application monitoring and ensuring compliance.

Why Work With Infinitive

Infinitive’s observability experts are dedicated to resolving your organization’s IT and operational challenges. We help organizations assess existing monitors, logs, and traces for deficiencies and improvements, implement dashboards with alerting and monitoring functionality, and define future success within the observability space to allow for predictive analytics within the organization.
  • Datadog Gold Tier Partner
  • Experience delivering new organizational capabilities such as rapid root cause analysis, single pane of glass management with dashboards, and early detection of system problems for a large healthcare organization
  • AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with deep experience in DevOps and DevSecOps