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AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Infinitive enables our clients to build well-architected solutions to achieve business outcomes such as increased operational efficiency, accelerated innovation, and reduced costs. Infinitive is an AWS Competency Partner with 100+ certifications and multiple technical designations including Serverless (Lambda), allowing us to deliver high-impact solutions. Our proven business and technology accelerators help clients unlock the full potential of the cloud enabling them to leverage AWS’s ever-growing services to drive growth and success.


Here at Infinitive, we have over 250+ Accreditations and 150+ certifications. Our partnership credentials are:
  • AWS Lambda (Serverless) Partners
  • AWS QuickSight Partners
  • AWS Education Services Competency
  • AWS DevOps Services Competency
  • AWS Data & Analytics Competency
  • Well Architected Framework Partner
  • AI/ML Rapid Innovation Program (Public Sector)
  • AWS Textract – System Integration and Consulting Partners
  • AWS PersonalizeLaunch Partners
  • AWS Elemental Partners
  • AWS Media Intelligence Solutions Partners


As a AWS partner, we can help you build, deploy, or migrate to the AWS platform.

Data Strategy

Migration to an AWS Environment and then building out a solution, such as a Lakehouse, utilizing the clouds storage, compute and advanced analytics.

Cloud and Data Accelerator

Develop foundational cloud and data capabilities with options to add additional data sources, dashboards, governance and/or AI POCs

Data Visualization

Specialize in visualizing data, KPIs, and business goals using Quicksight. Our expertise allows us to leverage AWS services to create dynamic and insightful dashboards that provide clear and actionable insights for your business.

Machine Learning Models

Build, deploy and maintain a ML model built on SageMaker. We set up the strategy, sources of data, build the environment, create the pipelines and move the data (Along with just building the model).

Generative AI accelerator

Help companies define an exact business case for generative AI and ensure they have proper data readiness and infrastructure to handle the AI workloads.

Churn Management

Use Machine learning (SageMaker) to predict Churn based on a company’s historical data.

Personalized Premium Content Streaming Solution (PPCS)

PPCS is a mobile app that media owners can put all their premium content (historical and new) into streaming, must-see highlights that their fans can personally define, curate, and engage with whenever they want – all in the palm of their hand.

Enable gen AI with bedrock

Help companies build out their generative AI capabilities on AWS by leveraging Amazon Bedrock to build generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI.


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