Boost Your Career with Infinitive’s Accelerator Program

“Circle back,” “on-deck,” or “boil the ocean” are all phrases that could sound confusing on your first few days of consulting. Luckily, for early career consultants at Infinitive, there is a community of fellow novices who can assist you in navigating this new environment. The Accelerator Program (AP), established in 2021, is an integral part of Infinitive’s culture where our employees can build relationships and be provided with opportunities to learn new skills and tips along the way.

The Accelerator Program is composed of four main parts: Collabs, Lunch N Learns, Sidekicks, and Campus New Hire Onboarding Support.

  • Collabs: These provide the chance for members within the program to build confidence and establish connections by presenting on a skill or leading a social event.
  • Lunch N Learns: Members of AP are invited to attend Lunch N Learns where they can learn from more tenured employees and hear about their co-workers’ journeys at Infinitive.
  • Sidekicks: As a new or virtual employee, the workplace can feel isolating. Therefore, having a sidekick, a peer in the AP, allows our members to strengthen bonds and get to know fellow coworkers.
  • Campus New Hire Onboarding Support: The AP will have the chance to welcome in the campus new hires and guide them through the post graduate transition into the consulting world.

The Accelerator Program strives to uphold Infinitive’s values resulting in high-quality, early career professionals. It aims to establish Trust amongst peers while working to Be Great so the best quality work can be provided to clients. AP members continually experience Growth through being peer-led and gaining Leadership experiences. Infinitive fosters a Fun and Flexible environment where game nights and community engagement are encouraged. Our members work hard with a Kick-Ass Attitude bringing energy and passion to all the work they do.

If you are an early career consultant looking for a peer-led program to accelerate your growth, then look no further and check out the Accelerator Program to become a kick-ass consultant.

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