AWS Media Intelligence — Step 1: Making the Most of Your Content to Drive More Revenue

Published July 15, 2021

In early March 2021, AWS announced its AWS Media Intelligence (MI) solutions and selected Infinitive as one of a handful of AWS MI consulting partners worldwide. Our team is excited to help media companies and content creators get more from their media assets and ultimately increase revenue.

AWS chose Infinitive as a consulting partner because of our team’s combination of technical AWS experience and long history of working with media companies and advertisers. Our goal is to help clients use AWS MI tools to gain a deeper understanding of their video assets and then leverage monetization solutions in new ways to create additional revenue streams. In many media companies, the content organization part of the business has separate goals from the monetization (ad) organization, resulting in wasted money, time, and effort. Through the AWS and Infinitive MI solutions, these organizations can synergistically work together to drive increased dollars, optimize ad product and content decisions, and enhance consumer experiences—a win for everyone.

Infinitive’s four-step process starts by gathering and tagging video assets and then searches for ways to optimize that content. We’ll look at these steps over the next few blog posts.

  • Content and Discovery: Migrates historical and new video assets to the cloud, making them discoverable while laying the groundwork for your new revenue streams.
  • Monetization Insights: Utilizes AI/ML and logfile analysis to automate ad break analysis and insertion and identifies dollars left on the table from missed ad opportunities.
  • Content ROI Decisioning: Combines video asset analysis with monetization analysis to optimize future content and ad product decisions.
  • New Revenue Streams: Leverages the building blocks of the first three steps to increase consumer engagement, increase ad inventory and dollars, and better personalizes your content for consumers.

Content and Discovery: Prepare your revenue stream

Cloud computing technologies, along with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), allow media and content companies to do things that weren’t possible even five years ago.

By moving video assets into the AWS cloud, we can use advanced solutions such as Amazon Rekognition to easily identify specific content and voice transcription—whether that’s types of faces, objects, specific people, words, or actions happening in a scene. For a recent engagement, Infinitive implemented a solution for a video storytelling company that included 100 video uploads from a multi-day shoot. By utilizing the AWS and Infinitive Media Intelligence step 1 solution, 10,000 meta-tags were automatically associated with the videos, which equates to hours of time saved in future discovery and editing effort when transforming the raw content into the final video episode.

Once video assets are uploaded and tagged, companies can not only search for specific videos—say anything with a red fire truck—but they can also identify the exact time within a video where that fire truck comes onto the scene. Making highlight reels becomes extremely efficient as a simple selection can pull out short clips across thousands of videos. And because videos reside on the cloud, editing can be done remotely on AWS workspaces, such as Nimble.

Our next post will focus on monetization insights, but you can reach out anytime to get a conversation started. We’re passionate about helping companies build new revenue streams and make the most of their video content. Email us at