AWS Compute Solutions

Infinitive can help you leverage the low cost and maintenance of AWS Lambda to help you deploy workload-aware integrations without server administration in an entirely cloud-native compute platform.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we excel in delivering resource-efficient AWS Lambda solutions for our customers to help them streamline their most critical business applications. We have delivered solutions that have achieved infrastructure savings of up to 95% month over month compared to traditional technology stacks. 

Lambda Benefits

No Servers to Manage

Lambda automatically runs your code without provisioning or managing infrastructure. 


Continuous Scaling

Lambda automatically scales your application by running code in response to each event. Your code runs in parallel and processes each trigger individually, scaling precisely with the size of the workload.

Millisecond Cost Optimization

Pay only for the compute time you consume. You are charged for every millisecond your code executes and is triggers so you’re never paying for over-provisioned infrastructure.

Consistent Performance

Optimize your code execution time by choosing the right memory size and consistent runtime for your function.