Building a Custom Cloud Migration Application


A leading financial services company needed a real-time tool to support enterprise data rationalization, detailed dependency tracking, and data transformation efforts as it moved to the cloud.


Designed, architected, and built a custom cloud migration application that included:
  • Leveraging a PostgreSQL database with a Python back end, JavaScript front end, and reporting through Tableau and Birst
  • Providing the capability to bulk data loading and online user self-service to capture producer and consumer metadata, including data owners and all data characteristics at the atomic level
  • Enabling the business and IT to have insights into activities, detailed dependency tracking, and progress via an analytical platform


Leveraging AWS and other technology platforms allowed for a streamlined cross-program, data, and technology migration platform that resulted in:
  • Connecting thousands of data producers and consumers to understand data lineage and relationships, deprecation, and decommissioning dates, and platform migration plans
  • Identifying true-source raw data to enable better analytical model performance and machine learning
  • Allowing full transparency on timeline and risk metrics for data producers, consumers, and program resources to support prioritization and planning efforts
  • Saving costs by enabling rationalization of under and unutilized data assets for retirement or archiving
Published July 9, 2020