Cloud Data & Risk Controls


A Fortune 100 FSI needed to understand and control data management risks as it transitioned from running daily batch jobs to streaming data in near real time. The client required Infinitive’s help to implement a new data governance strategy to ensure data integrity and validity.


Over 12-weeks, Infinitive engaged with cross-functional teams of data engineers, application developers, and 1st and 2nd line risk managers to perform a comprehensive risk assessment of the cloud operations data pipelines and adjacent processes. Specifically, the solution included:  

  • A diagnostic evaluation of operational risks associated with cloud operations data management processes
  • Identification and documentation of critical dependencies
  • Potential failure points between upstream and downstream processes
  • An audit readiness review for IT asset management controls
  • Detailed findings and recommendations to further harden the cloud operations data pipeline


Infinitive’s risk assessment enabled well-managed, audit-ready, and extensively documented critical business processes, including:

  • Creation of 13 new controls, a business impact assessment (BIA) and a business continuity plan (BCP)
  • Control management plans detailing key activities, checkpoints, and alerting and escalation procedures
  • Publication of a new standard and procedure for operational readiness reviews
Published September 28, 2022