Creating a Partner Methodology and Client Migration Program


A global technology company needed experts to assist them with the design and implementation of an integration partner methodology and migration program for a new software platform.


Staffed a team of industry and operational experts to collaborate on an end-to-end partner implementation methodology and support client migrations, which included:
  • Performing key functions of requirements development, project and issue management, user management, and pilot testing efforts
  • Developing an end-to-end partner implementation model with tools, templates, and processes
  • Establishing the launch and adoption standards used to govern client migrations


Launched new partner implementation framework across all active partners, as well as:
  • Successfully migrated 30+ vendor clients onto new platform via full-service implementation support with no interruption to live campaigns
  • Enabled campaign performance data reconciliation with third-party systems
  • Designed reporting solutions to allow publishers to extract business critical performance data
  • Trained additional partners on newly designed partner methodology
Published March 5, 2020