Designing a Scalable Industrial Sensor Analytics Solution


A global oil and gas company needed an affordable and scalable industrial sensor analytics platform to:
  • Monitor mission-critical IoT industrial sensor metrics across global and organization boundaries
  • Securely send and deliver additional value-add services


Architected and implemented an AWS-based IoT analytics solution, which included:
  • Designing a cost-effective, cloud-based platform consisting of AWS services and QuickSight for visualization
  • Extracting industrial raw data that served as the basis for efficiency, asset health, quality, and resource management metrics from a proprietary system that collects IoT sensor-based data
  • Creating simplified, customizable data visualizations and dashboards
  • Meeting client and regulatory cybersecurity requirements for data storage location


Robust cloud-based business analytics solution allowed customer to:
  • Visualize the overall health of industrial assets, facilitate predictive maintenance activity, and advise on refinery optimization measures
  • Provide ongoing advisory expertise to oil and gas customers
  • Perform preventive maintenance on industrial equipment via dashboard information
  • Reduce long-term cost of ownership for software licensing and server maintenance costs
  • Expand its operational footprint and revenue with ease and less overhead
Published February 2, 2020