Developing Cohesive Business Intelligence Function


A leading Fortune 500 media organization, with multiple online properties and consumer-facing brands, needed to improve visibility into its business operations and performance and to gain a deeper understanding of its customer base.


Staffed a team of business intelligence (BI) experts who:
  • Defined the future-state organizational model, working with executive and HR teams to define roles, write job descriptions and recruit talent to staff the organization
  • Laid the foundation for effective data governance and data management, establishing corporate standards and data definitions to provide a “single version of the truth”
  • Managed the evaluation and selection of vendors for web analytics, research, and BI tools through a focused set of requirements and detailed evaluation criteria aligned to business objectives
  • Managed relationship with the company’s IT department to integrate internal and third-party data sets and onboard new technologies, including those needed to support mobile, video, and rich media


A strong and sophisticated BI platform allowed the network to optimize performance. Results included:
  • Improved executive reporting leading to better decision making across business units
  • Drove increased customer acquisition and refined acquisition marketing techniques
  • Developed churn models leading to better forecasting
  • Created detailed value add customer analysis including lifetime value, contribution, and attribution