Driving a Sustainable Controls Environment


A Fortune 500 Company needed assistance in transforming and improving the sustainability of the company’s control ecosystem to reduce risk and maximize cost savings. Specifically, the client needed to:

  • Implement automation procedures to reduce risk of errors from human intervention
  • Improve efficiency through automating manual controls to allow team members to focus on more impactful tasks
  • Evaluate 1,500 technology controls and mitigate potential risks.


Infinitive provided a cross functional team to perform comprehensive assessments of the controls portfolio. The team successfully:
  • Focused on analyzing opportunities to shift left, automate, standardize, and add continuous monitoring.
  • Guided stakeholders through detailed assessments and distilled the findings into customized packages.
  • Provided client with action items for impacted executives and divisions.


Infinitive was successful in transforming and improving the systems control ecosystem for the client. Infinitive’s team specifically:

  • Conducted live, guided assessments of hundreds of controls with control owners, SMEs, and supporting parties to determine automation opportunities and project first steps of Road Maps. Built a dashboard in AWS QuickSight to highlight progress, insights, and outcomes for the assessment allowing the client more visibility and understanding of potential automation processes
  • Developed and produced the Technology Controls Assessment Tool using Google Apps Script to facilitate the TCAA assessments. The tool was used to analyze ~1500 technology controls and produce a current and  future state maturity score that created a standard benchmark to measure progress.

The result was a Maturity Model to provide a quantitative and objective scoring methodology for the controls’ maturity levels from which progress can be tracked.