Enhancing Cyber Capabilities to Protect Against Bad Actors


A leading financial service’s cyber team needed , engineering, and development expertise and support.


Delivered a team of data engineers and full-stack developers to enhance client’s cyber capabilities through:
  • Providing strategic advisory and stabilization development efforts for the ELK backbone, with nine PBs of critical enterprise cybersecurity log data
  • Implementing a suite of monitoring tools and alarm integrations, to include tools such as DataDog and PagerDuty
  • Managing the client’s Kafka, Spark, NiFi, Snowflake, and AI/ML infrastructure
  • Creating Ansible playbooks for AWS resource automation in support of DevOps
  • Developing Kubernetes containerization architecture for use with Logstash and Elasticsearch instances
  • Refactoring Python scripts to support HTTP data transmission and AWS Lambda
  • Migrating more than 90 legacy Spark data parsing scripts to Logstash parsers


Delivered a more robust cyber infrastructure, capacity, and posture by:
  • Optimizing the resource load, building platform efficiency, and ensuring that enterprise compliance requirements are being followed
  • Developing and implementing an architecture that will deliver increased efficiencies and resiliency
  • Improving performance and customer experience through dynamic mapping of data in real time
  • Improving client’s morale and capacity by providing skilled and experienced resources, including on-call support and overnight watch capability, that leverage a shared service model
Published February 11, 2020

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