Enhancing Digital Analytics


Limited resources made it difficult for a leading ad network to track its fast-growing online audience, which resulted in insufficient data for business stakeholders to make critical decisions and in turn restricted customer behavior forecasting models.


Drove enhanced tracking, forecasting, and reporting capabilities for long-term digital analytics success with a focus on:
  • Redesigning reporting processes and templates for accuracy and clarity of insights
  • Enhancing existing reports while developing new strategic reports
  • Analyzing customer segmentation to understand the primary business drivers and predictive factors
  • Building robust forecasting models for traffic planning and “what if” scenario analysis
  • Providing a deeper understanding of audience engagement and current performance in social media, mobile channels, video consumption and other areas


The network gained clearer insight into audience behaviors as well as:
  • Improved user experience and increased engagement through targeted content and offers
  • Leveraged predictive modeling, segmentation, and personalization
  • Better access to data through intuitive reports and executive dashboards
  • Increased data integrity through accurate and consistent data and increased performance visibility
Published January 12, 2020

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