Implementing a Third-Party Enrollment System with AWS


An educational program provider needed assistance managing the implementation of a third-party online enrollment system (OES) to:
  • Salvage the relationship with the client’s software vendor
  • Establish clarity in requirements and a revised plan to implement the vendor solution
  • Drive mutual understanding of project issues and a path to resolution so future deadlines were not missed
  • Facilitate completion of implementation and launch of new OES in time for the client’s annual enrollment period


Drove a successful implementation of the OES prior to the deadline, which resulted in:
  • Successful online registration of more than 8,000 students in time for their Fall enrollment season and an increase in capacity and operational readiness for the much larger Spring registration season
  • Increased efficiency and bandwidth of IT resources, allowing the client to start development of its next key initiative—an in-house CRM system
  • Drastic reduction in time spent on data requests—metrics that took up to a day to pull from disparate systems are now captured, analyzed, and queryable from a central location in a matter of minutes


Our efforts allowed the client to:
  • Sever relationship with toxic software vendor development, saving them upwards of $500,000 in renewal fees
  • Ensure compliance with data privacy laws through the development of more stringent controls and governance around their data and specifically PII of enrollees
  • More keen focus on UX through established controls for ongoing monitoring of system performance from a UI and capacity perspective
Published August 28, 2021

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