Leveraging Big Data to Drive Next-Gen Marketing Capabilities


A top 10 card issuer wanted to build new capabilities involving marketing intelligence, multi-channel attribution, media mix modeling, omnichannel marketing offers, and improved customer experience via big data.


Created a data-driven marketing environment to enable the organization to meets its marketing mission, which included:
  • Developing a detailed roadmap and identifying requirements for data, reporting, and analytics to help define a first-release, minimally viable product and providing the foundation for channel attribution and path analysis
  • Inventorying all available data in disparate operational systems and the data warehouse required for marketing
  • Identifying and prioritizing new data sources for integration
  • Creating a marketing data environment that integrated structured and semi-structured data in Hadoop and later in an AWS data lake environment
  • Prioritizing data sources to fill the data lake by analyzing data and acting as a product owner for multiple agile teams
  • Designing and architecting a marketing event stream that integrated and refined the data lake to create a repository for marketing data analysts to analyze and leverage all the marketing interactions performed from customers


Improved performance and advanced marketing intelligence and analytics enabled the organization to:
  • Make use of data that was being captured in numerous systems (but often not integrated or available in a usable format to support marketing)
  • Create a foundational data structure framework to promote future growth and expansion of digital capabilities
  • Look at multi-channel attribution, media mix modeling, customer analytics, and statistical models
  • Allow the marketing data environment to support other marketing platforms, such as offer management and campaign automation
  • Use decision support models to deliver the right offer to the right person through the appropriate channel and context
  • Build more substantial alignment between departments and improve customer intelligence capabilities
Published April 17, 2020