Spurring Product Adoption Through Customer Outreach


A global leader in the education industry needed to create a personalized customer outreach program to ensure success of a product transformation and address:
  • Lack of outbound call center capabilities needed to proactively manage the impacts of product changes
  • Insufficient internal resources to design and execute customer outreach campaigns
  • A need to rapidly scale outbound outreach activities


Built a concierge-style support and outreach team that facilitated client adoption of a new product by:
  • Embedding customer service agents from the client’s existing team with a team of product experts
  • Designing and implementing a process to quickly resolve escalated inbound support requests
  • Conducting personalized outreach to customers to support the adoption of new product policies and processes
  • Managing a distributed team successfully supporting customers across the world
  • Aggregating, analyzing, visualizing, and disseminating campaign data to leadership and key stakeholders to facilitate decision making


Delivered a personalized outreach and support function to drive change adoption for a new ordering process, online systems, and support tools for 18,000 schools that resulted in:
  • 25,915 calls across 3,500 unique schools
  • 98% of schools meeting expected deadlines
  • Continued system improvement through the collection of end-user feedback
  • Consistent reporting and visualization of key data, allowing program leadership to make more informed business decisions
Published March 18, 2021

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