The Challenge of Modernizing Banking Systems


A Top 10 Financial Institution was dealing with an outdated, monolithic core banking system. There was a heavy need to modernize this system, improve information-sharing across the bank, make the system easier to use and repair, and reduce dependencies on third parties. To progress the modernization effort, the client needed support on two discrete tasks: designing a custom API and migrating a mission-critical database from Cassandra to DynamoDB.


Infinitive provided cross-functional Scrum teams that included subject matter experts, specialized developers (Java, Golang, DevOps, and non-relational databases) and a Scrum Master to assist with these efforts. The teams specifically focused on:
  • Designing a new API so that, when complete, would seamlessly read from and display data from two distinct sources. This new API would allow the client to use the new system in a faster and more efficient manner.
  • Designing and executing a migration plan from Cassandra to Dynamo DB and rewriting the code interacting with the new database affording the client seamless transitions and minimized blockers in the migration.


Infinitive produced the design for Read API and facilitated the transfer from Cassandra to Dynamo DB. This work also included:

  • A definition and analysis of requirements for the new database and microservice implementation.
  • Provided input that informed the design and implementation of microservices. Specifically, microservices that interact with the DynamoDB API which allow the creation, reading, updating and deleting of operations.
  • Enabled significant cost savings and audit compliance through premium management on:
    • Five mission-critical services
    • 24/7 production support for potential incidents
    • Vulnerability remediation on services already in production
      • Remediated over 8,000 vulnerabilities in a six-week timespan.