Transitioning to the Cloud


A non-profit, global leader in the education industry needed to create a comprehensive cloud transformation program to:

  • Modernize IT architecture and applications
  • Transform IT operations by significantly reducing the resources and cost required
  • Enable innovation in an increasingly competitive and complex marketplace


Provided targeted solutions to address gaps in the client’s capabilities, which included:
  • Developing a cloud roadmap and strategy
  • Implementing and managing initial DevOps function
  • Enabling adoption of cloud technology at all levels of the organization in the areas of data, process, and capabilities
  • Helping execute against the strategy and roadmap
  • Aligning cloud efforts with company’s strategic goals and business objectives
  • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and communicating them across departments
  • Preparing training and change management materials to educate and prepare client personnel for cloud migration


Moving critical IT operations and processes to the cloud gave the firm:  
  • Ability to strengthen its competitive positioning and set a strong foundation for ongoing business transformation
  • A rationalized data ecosystem with established quality standards to improve the data producer/consumer relationship
  • Increased IT operational efficiency
  • Clearer links between technology and data investments and broader business objectives and company needs
  • Higher project ROI based on strong end-user adoption
Published April 8, 2021