Navigating the complex landscape of cloud services deployment can pose several obstacles for organizations, hindering their ability to innovate and optimize resource utilization. These include: 

  • Unfamiliarity with new services: New and innovative services require additional due diligence to properly understand how if/how they should be used by the organization and what governance is needed. 
  • Security Vulnerabilities: Lack of familiarity with the security implications and potential vulnerabilities of new cloud services can expose the organization to unforeseen security breaches and data leaks. 
  • Deployment Complexity: Simplifying and standardizing the intricate process of deploying cloud services, ensuring efficient and consistent launches. 
  • Integration Challenges: Integrating new cloud services with existing systems and workflows may be more complex than anticipated, potentially causing disruptions and inefficiencies. 


Our Cloud Services Enablement solution empowers organizations to overcome the complexities of cloud service deployment by offering a comprehensive framework that encompasses: 

  • Structured Launch Processes: Establishing a well-defined service enablement process that guides the seamless launch of new cloud services. 
  • Robust Approval Mechanisms: Defining clear roles and responsibilities, ensuring efficient and accountable service approvals. 
  • Secure Usage Guidelines: Developing and enforcing stringent controls and documentation to guarantee the secure and compliant utilization of services. 
  • Cloud Controls Best Practices: Leveraging best practices approach for evaluating potential risks per Infinitives’ Cloud Controls Lifecycle Support solution.  
  • Informative Service Catalog: Creating an accessible service catalog that provides real-time insights into service status and usage within the organization. 


With a well-structured cloud services enablement process, organizations can accelerate the adoption of transformative cloud-based services to drive innovation and operational efficiencies. At the same time, organizations can do so responsibly by addressing potential risks and ensuring proper governance is in place. 

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With over two decades of experience, Infinitive has established itself as a reliable partner for prominent enterprises across diverse sectors. Our mix of technological acumen, risk management proficiency, and transformation expertise sets Infinitive apart from others and enables us to bring impactful and comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Our accomplished experts seamlessly merge their extensive knowledge of cloud architecture and IT governance frameworks with adept change management strategies, resulting in enduring transformation while operating securely and compliant with industry standards and regulations (e.g., HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR and CCPA). 

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