Committed to Thriving in 2020

Published September 29, 2020

There’s no doubt 2020 has been (and continues to be) a challenging year. This year at Infinitive we’ve not only helped our clients become more effective and efficient but also have grown our projects, talent base, and skill set. We’re especially proud of our success in the face of hard times.

Here are some highlights:

Growing our business. This year, we’ve added 52 brand new projects to our roster, as well as 44 new employees, and seven summer interns.

Advancing our AWS partnership. AWS is a crucial part of our cloud skill set. 76% of our consultants are accredited AWS business professionals and 47% hold AWS technical professional accreditation.

Always learning. Growth is a core value at Infinitive, and we know growing our skill set benefits us and our clients. So far this year our team has completed 325 courses and 9,507 videos through LinkedIn Learning. Our team has also developed custom internal training programs that include 11 specialized skills virtual learning paths and a three-week new professional training program.

Pivoting virtually. We’re lucky that video conferencing has been part of our culture since 2015, so switching most meetings to Zoom was a breeze as employees transitioned to working remotely full-time. In March, despite working virtually, we seamlessly restructured our organization and realigned team members to shift from a practice-based operation model to a competency-based model to help our teams more precisely solve client problems.

We know our world will continue to face challenges, and we’re excited to keep helping clients do their best work. Our team has the drive, technical skills, and professional experience to tackle your toughest problems and help you navigate through uncertainty. Get in touch today and let’s start a conversation.

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