Common Questions about Moving to the Cloud

Published June 8, 2020

Moving to a cloud-based environment is becoming an inevitable path for organizations today. Just as no two organizations are the same, journeys and utilization of the cloud will differ greatly.

Infinitive CEO Denis McFarlane sits down with Brian Gomolka, financial services industry lead, and Glenn Facey, financial services market lead, to discuss their experience with moving clients into the cloud and common questions that come up including:

  1. What should your end-state look like?
  2. How does shifting to the cloud benefit customer experience?
  3. What parts of the company would be involved in this cloud journey?
  4. Should the cloud journey be one big push to launch or a phased approach?
  5. What kind of ROI should you expect?

A cloud journey is not a siloed IT renovation. It is a transformative process that not only involves your entire IT framework but every business unit in your organization while evolving cultural and procedural practices. Because of this comprehensive shift, organizations need to carefully consider the path they take to the cloud to avoid disruptions and inefficiencies.

Infinitive’s cloud journey team has successfully moved companies into the cloud and continued to optimize their environment for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Our seasoned experts work closely with your team to create a customized approach that uses best practices for a smoother and faster transition. We work to seamlessly transform your IT framework while helping you continue to achieve organizational goals.

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