Unlike other vendors that provide only data technology and analytics staff-augmentation, the Infinitive team brought more than just the “data tech know-how.” It was the tech skills PLUS the business understanding of what our customer data is, and how it needs to be used across our organizations to drive the business. This was critical for implementing our next-gen first party data solution.”

Executive – Media & Entertainment Platform Vendor 

Your Challenges

In the ever-changing world of technology, organizations must understand their customer data and the steps needed to get the most value out of their data. Many organizations struggle to collect, protect, and connect their first party data. Challenges include:

  • Storing, standardizing, and visualizing data across multiple sources and data models 
  • Implementing security and controls to keep customer data private, safe, and compliant 
  • Executing differentiated solutions that leverage data across the organization  
  • Connecting with customers to improve customer relationships 
  • Increasing revenue and expanding the business 

Our Solutions

Our Customer Intelligence Framework helps organizations identify the value of your data, build an ROI model to evaluate opportunities, and define the roadmap to achieve your goals. Beyond your strategic vision, Infinitive focuses on your data strategy, technology, processes, and data stakeholders to help you implement solutions like:
  • Customer 360 in a privacy world 
  • Advanced audience targeting and advertising workstreams 
  • Secure data sharing & clean rooms 
  • Product & services cross-sell and up-sell capabilities 
  • Marketing and customer growth solutions 
  • First Party Data and Analytics Monetization Service

How We’ve Done it

A premier streaming media company asked Infinitive to lead the product management, data transformation design, and overall project management of their Clean Room ensuring first party data on-boarding, mapping, testing, and analysis reporting was implementedThis enabled the client to deliver new business and technical capabilities including: 

  • First Party Data standardization and enrichment with Third Party Data partners 
  • Advanced Direct to Consumer streaming data analysis and targeting 
  • Enhanced data offerings for Brand and Agency partners 

Why Work With Infinitive

Infinitive’s experts are dedicated to solving your organization’s First Party Data challenges. As a data focused consultancy bringing both business understanding and technical experience, we will help you collect, protect, and connect your First Party Data to get more value out of your data by increasing revenue and building strong relationships with consumers.

  • Worked with 9/10 of the top Media companies in the world 
  • Recognized as one of the best Operational Consultancies in the Media industry 
  • AWS Advanced Consulting Partner