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As the demand for data-driven threat intelligence grows, so does the complexity of data management at-scale within constrained budgets.​

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When A SIEM Is not enough

Break the SIEM lock-in that drives detection gaps and high costs for enterprise SOCs. Infinitive enables detection engineers and threat hunters to keep using their existing SIEM while seamlessly adopting a scalable and cost-effective data lake for high-volume data sources and advanced analytics use cases. By eliminating the need for rip-and-replace, our Cyber Data Solutions provides the flexibility needed for security leaders to confidently join the rest of the enterprise on the modern data stack without disrupting existing processes. Security operations teams at banks, airlines, and large tech companies use Infinitive’s Cyber Data Solutions to detect threats at scale and save millions of dollars.

Operational Cybersecurity Data Challenges

Data volume and diversity present several challenges to Cyber analysts, data engineers and others.


Data Silos

Data stored across the enterprise and in various vendor systems is not easily integrated or shared, hampering a unified view of threats.​

Heterogeneous Data

Cyber analytics and monitoring consumes data from many non-standardized sources, with schemas that are prone to change.

Data Governance-at-Scale

Tracking lineage and managing access for numerous data sources in many use cases.

Maintaining 100s of Data Pipelines

Ensuring data is ingested reliability and consistency from diverse sources feeding into centralized datastores.


Swivel-Chair Analytics

Data needed to support investigations is often not in a centralized location for efficient or effective analysis.

SIEM Alerts Often Lack Context

Alerts sent to the SIEM from other security tools may lack proper context to be worked efficiently.

UBA Tool Limitations

User Behavioral Analytics (UBA) Tools often lack historical search capabilities and transparency into potential threats.

Alert Fatigue

The sheer number of alerts, often with many false positives, can overwhelm cyber analysts.


Threat Mangement

  • Network Logs, Security Device Logs, and Application Logs: Provide visibility into network and system activities to identify potential threats.​
  • Threat Intelligence Feeds: Offer insights into known threats and attack vectors, enhancing threat detection capabilities.​
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Services Logs: Enable monitoring of cloud environments, which is crucial for managing threats in cloud-based resources.​
  • Endpoint Security Logs: Critical for detecting and managing threats on endpoint devices.​
  • Anomalies and Behavior Analytics: Help identify unusual activities that could indicate a security threat, aiding in early detection and management.​


  • Incident Reports and Forensics: Provide detailed information necessary for responding to and investigating security incidents.​
  • Authentication and Authorization Logs: Can help trace the source of an attack or breach by tracking user access and activities.​
  • Telemetry Data: Offers real-time information that can be crucial for responding to ongoing attacks or anomalies.​
  • Geolocation Data: Useful in identifying and responding to attacks originating from specific geographic locations.


  • Audit and Compliance Reports: Essential for demonstrating adherence to regulatory and industry standards.​
  • Configuration Data: Helps ensure systems and networks are configured according to best practices and compliance requirements.​
  • Vulnerability Scans and Assessments: Necessary for identifying and remediating vulnerabilities to meet compliance standards.


  • Social Media and OSINT: Can provide early warnings about emerging threats or targeted attacks, informing proactive defense measures.​
  • Vulnerability Scans and Assessments: Beyond compliance, these scans are critical for proactive threat management by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

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