Video: Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Published July 11, 2019

Believe it or not, even the cloud has service interruptions from time to time. The good news is that it’s easier and cheaper than ever to back up your important data and applications on a secure server. You don’t need a separate, standalone environment to recover applications and data, which equates to significant cost savings.

Infinitive CEO Denis McFarlane sat down with Financial Services Industry Executive Michael McCormick to discuss how Infinitive can better prepare all types of companies to proactively plan for disaster recovery scenarios in the cloud. In the past, Infinitive has helped companies that are new to the cloud re-architect testing procedures to be more cloud-based. Clients can conduct disaster recovery testing in their production environment, and Infinitive supports the entire testing process, including:

  • Defining the scenarios to test
  • Performing risk assessments on possible impacts to production
  • Briefing executives on testing risks
  • Creating minute-by-minute plans, executing tests and managing war rooms for the duration of the tests

The sizes of disaster recovery environments vary – from smaller, targeted assessments to huge programs that involve very large teams running tests that affect thousands of applications and which may take months of planning and follow-up actions. In fact, our team executed the largest AWS recovery exercise ever performed. For ongoing tests, the process can be much shorter, thanks to lessons learned and the experience and expertise of Infinitive’s testing pros.

Effective communication helps, too. Not content with just sending out advisory emails, proactive communication and stakeholder outreach – whether through videos, blog posts or pop-up events – help companies understand the full magnitude of their tests and what to expect. Ultimately, by building a strong plan for disaster recovery in the cloud, companies can gain peace of mind.

Check out the video to hear the full conversation.

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