Diving Into the World of Technology: Full-Time Edition

Published November 10, 2021

As college students enter their last year of education, the pressure of finding an employer can be daunting. However, with the right internship, the transition from student to full-time employee can be simple.

Infinitive’s Technology Internship Program is structured to hire new full-time Infinitivians. Julie Brownell, the Training and Operations Specialist at Infinitive worked with the intern class every day. “Bringing interns onto the team is an investment in young talent for the company to create a community in hopes of having individuals join the team in return,” said Brownell.

Infinitive extends full-time offers to many of their interns after the completion of the program. These new Infinitivians find transitioning into full-time a smooth process as they are already accustomed to the company culture. “It felt like an extension of the internship in a way of just rolling back into the work and doing what I was doing before,” said Zach Engle, a former intern who now works with a large American media company at Infinitive.

Having a strong culture has allowed Infinitive to grow and reach its visions and goals. It’s a key factor of why individuals believe that Infinitive is the best place to start their careers post internship. “I enjoyed the people,” said Noah Lacy, a former intern who is now staffed on a top 5 financial services company project. “I knew my weakness and I knew that the people at Infinitive would support me and help me turn those weaknesses into strengths.”

The internship curriculum is challenging but is structured to set up the interns for future success as employees. “I had no AWS experience before joining but being able to struggle through learning the technology was a huge growing experience for me,” said Engle, who interned in 2019. The skills that are developed during the program are used every day at Infinitive. “The project that I worked on all summer helped me when I started full-time because I got familiar with the cloud services, so moving into the on-sight project where we needed all those skills lead to an easy adjustment,” said Lacy, who interned in 2020.

Individuals who are proactive in the workplace are the ones who make an impact on the company. Jordan Smith, a former intern who is now working on a project with a software company focused on healthcare, said, “Really dive in, get your hands dirty and try your hardest to shake the timidness.” This frame of mind allows employees to dive into technology and show their talent.

It’s important to remember that work is a learning experience regardless of your status at a company. Calista Ramadhanty, a 2019 intern who is now a full-time Infinitivian said, “Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions.” Doing so enables individuals to establish and form helpful relationships with their colleagues leading to personal and team growth.

With an 80% acceptance rate of intern to full-time offers, it’s time to start your future at Infinitive. The application for the summer 2022 Technology Internship Program is currently open. For more information, contact us at info@infinitive.com.