Higher Education Cloud Computing Strategy with AWS

Published March 3, 2023

In our recent blog, “Why Colleges and Universities Should Move to the Public Cloud,” we cover the headwinds of the higher education landscape. Declining enrollment, uncertain economic conditions, and increasing tuition are forcing higher education institutions to adapt and plan with more tact and discipline than ever before.

We know universities are debating and, in many cases, embracing a move to the cloud. Astute Analytica predicts that “the global higher education cloud computing market will grow 22% by the turn of the decade…” (GovTech). In discovery sessions with leaders of universities and colleges, we hear the phrases “move to the cloud” and “better leverage the cloud” but what does it truly mean? For some universities, it means leveraging applications like Salesforce as a SaaS solution. For others, it means a broader cloud migration to a public cloud hosted on AWS for cost benefits and further analytics. Lastly, for those who are debating, there is usually agreement in moving to the cloud for the benefits. However, many institutions simply do not know where to start.

Strategic Move to Higher Education Cloud Computing

Infinitive’s Higher Education Strategic Data Planning Service provides institutions with the clarity and alignment needed to effectively assess a move to the cloud with AWS. As an AWS Education Competency Partner, we help university leaders and constituents build consensus around university-wide goals, data priorities, and challenges to formulate a business case for investment in the cloud to better leverage data as a superpower across the institution.

Infinitive documents goals and challenges, delivers a current state data maturity report, crafts a business case for investment in the cloud, and provides a high-level roadmap on next steps and potential benefits realized once in the cloud. Potential benefits of future work in AWS include identifying at-risk student populations, predicting student pathways, and tailoring academic programs to better suit student needs.

Benefits of Higher Education Strategic Data Planning Service

  1. Strategic alignment with university leaders on goals, data priorities, and challenges
  2. Strong understanding of how data supports and drives progress towards goals
  3. Clear line of sight between data, university goals, and tangible next steps


Why Choose Infinitive and AWS 

With over 20 years of consulting in education and as an AWS Education Competency Partner, Infinitive has the expertise needed to work with higher education clients to help them understand, prioritize, and align goals and challenges when it comes to data. We bring a comprehensive set of tools, templates, and frameworks that help university leaders understand where they are in their data maturity journey, identify the logical next steps that will begin to enable data as a superpower, and build a business case for data to be a key part of the organization’s broader strategic goals.

An engagement with Infinitive includes the following:

  1. Daily and transparent communication
  2. Flexible to your culture
  3. Iterative and inclusive working style
  4. Joint team approach

For more information on how to start your cloud journey, start a conversation with us today.