Higher Education Challenges and Understanding the Impact of Data

Published April 4, 2023

Higher education institutions are facing major headwinds. Greater student expectations, declining enrollment, and an uncertain economy are pressuring colleges and universities to think critically about their operations and where to optimize for future growth and relevance. Additionally, administrators are constantly tasked with doing more with less and must make difficult decisions on where to invest when it comes to programs and university-wide initiatives.

On the flip side, students are carefully considering their options. Return on investment, tuition costs, and career preparedness are major factors in the decision to attend a traditional four-year institution.

In response to these headwinds and uncertain times, universities and colleges can and should be doing more with data to create opportunities for students and alumni. Data can be used to:

  1. Drive enrollment 
  2. Attract, engage, and retain students and learners 
  3. Engage donors and alumni in the channels they operate in 

It is no secret that institutional leaders agree on the wealth of data from research, administrative operations and other areas. The real question many ask is where do we even begin to start when it comes to leveraging the data? Colleges and universities need to adopt a unified approach to achieve mission goals. With an established and agreed upon institutional goal, we can then look to identify the data gaps and opportunities to drive change and ultimately impact mission outcomes.

Infinitive supports higher education with a strategic data planning service comprised of proven frameworks and tools to help institutional leaders begin to understand the art of the possible with their data and enable student success.