Infinitive Live Webinar: Higher Education Challenges and the Impact of Data Recap

As we discussed in our webinar, greater student expectations, declining enrollment, and an uncertain economy are pressuring colleges and universities to think critically about their operations and where to optimize for future growth and relevance. In a recent report from Insight Higher Ed, 7/10 presidents of institutions agree that their institution needs fundamental change with respect to the business model, programming and other operations. Technology and the overall environment are creating an opportunity for change but how one embraces it and adopts the change will certainly dictate success.

We talked extensively about how data can impact an institution. A general takeaway is that while there are pockets of excellence when it comes to data & analytics, most institutions can do more with data to become more proactive with attracting, retaining, and engaging their students in the channels in which they operate today. Most university leaders recognize there is a need for digital transformation in some capacity. Why not tie it directly to supporting more learners? 

Furthermore, from Infinitive’s experience, leaders try to tackle challenges individually instead of as a cohesive group with support from university leadership. We need to first create the connection between mission, goals, challenges, and benefits. Let’s think about a cost/benefit analysis including financial costs and knowledge/skill costs as both will be important to the success of these initiatives going forward. From there, institutions may begin to implement and adopt a unified approach to achieving mission goals while keeping student centricity in mind every step of the way.

The main takeaways from the webinar are as follows:

  1. Collaborate on challenges to create opportunities
  2. Center progress around the student
  3. You’re not alone – 59% of institutions say there are pockets of excellence in analytics but there is more work to be done
  4. Data may seem like a challenge for your institution today, but it is the key to your future success

Infinitive supports higher education with a strategic data planning service comprised of proven frameworks and tools to help institutional leaders begin to understand the art of the possible with their data and enable student success. For more information about how Infinitive helps higher education institutions, click here.

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