Infinitive’s Predictions Part 2 — Re:Invent 2023: Large Language Models

1. Olympus: The King of Large Language Models

In our recent blog, All Roads Lead to Generative AI, we forecasted AWS’s emphasis on Generative AI at re:Invent. Doubling down on this prediction, AWS is gearing up to reveal its own Large Language Model (LLM) named Olympus. Boasting a colossal two trillion parameters, surpassing even ChatGPT4, Olympus is anticipated to cater to enterprise customers with a focus on various use cases. With Amazon’s vast retail presence, speculation arises about a mega-chatbot utilizing Olympus for internal operations at

2. AI Assistant for AWS

In a bid to catch up with industry counterparts Microsoft and Google, AWS is set to unveil an AI assistant for cloud operations. Positioned as a rival to Microsoft’s Co-pilot and Google’s Duet AI, this addition is expected to be a distinct tool separate from AWS Code Whisperer.

3. Enhances EC2 Operations

Responding to the escalating demand for GenAI and other applications, AWS is likely to introduce new bare-metal and GPU-enabled EC2 options. This move aims to augment computing power and efficiency, meeting the evolving needs of users.

4. Advancements in Custom Silicon

AWS is likely to announce improvements to its Trainium and Inferentia AI accelerators. AWS Trainium is Amazon Web Services’ custom-designed machine learning (ML) training chip, tailored specifically for training deep learning models at scale. AWS Inferentia is a custom-designed machine learning inference chip developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide high-performance and cost-effective inference for a wide range of machine learning applications.

5. Dedicated Vector Database

Building on vector capabilities in the existing Rockset database, AWS is expected to introduce a dedicated vector database. This move signifies a distinct focus on enhancing pure vector database functionalities.

6. Cloud Migration Strategies

AWS is likely to address the intricacies of cloud migration, offering tailored solutions for heritage applications, containerized apps, and cloud-native development. Expect insights into effective strategies for navigating the challenges associated with cloud migration.

7. Significant Enhancements to Bedrock

Anticipate improvements to Bedrock, featuring enhancements in ease of use and multi-modal capabilities. These advancements are poised to elevate the user experience and broaden the scope of Bedrock’s functionality.

8. Sustainability Initiatives

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, AWS is taking substantial strides, particularly in optimizing generative AI workloads. This strategic move aligns with the growing trend of organizations prioritizing environmental impact in their decision-making processes.

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