AWS re:Invent 2023: Unveiling the Future with Adam Selipsky

The energy was contagious at Re:Invent 2023 as Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services, took the stage for the traditional keynote address. The morning was filled with groundbreaking announcements, setting the stage for a week of innovation. Below is a snapshot of the major highlights, with further insights to come from Infinitive’s in-depth analysis.

Key Announcements:

1. Amazon S3 Express One Zone:

    • Accelerating object storage with speed and cost efficiency.
    • Boasting a remarkable 10X speed compared to S3 standard.
    • Capable of handling millions of requests per second with a “single-digit” millisecond response.
    • Real-world success showcased by Pinterest, achieving 10X faster writes with a 40% cost reduction.

2. AWS Graviton 4

    • Marking the fourth Graviton custom silicon announcement in the last five years.
    • A 50% increase in cores, making it 40% faster for database work and 45% faster for Java.
    • Deployment of R8G instances featuring Graviton 4.

3. Enhanced Nvidia Partnership – Part 1:

    • Two million GPU’s in the AWS cloud, rivaling the power of 3,00 exascale supercomputers.
    • Introduction of new chips, including L2, L4ES, and GH200 (Grace Hopper Superchip).
    • Gh200, a superchip connecting two processors via MVLink, virtualized with AWS Nitro.

4. Enhanced Nvidia Partnership – Part 2:

    • Unveiling the Nvidia AI factory for building custom models.
    • Entirely run on AWS with Project CIBA, featuring 16,384 GPUs, cutting FM training time in half at half the cost.

5. Trainium 2:

    • Specialized chips designed for model training.
    • A new version boasting 4X faster performance.

6. Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock

    • Empowering users deploying LLM-based models to set constraints.
    • Example: A banking online assistant restricted from providing financial advice.

7. Amazon Q

    • An AI-powered system enhancing productivity across enterprises.
    • Variants for developers, BI, business, and customer service, integrating with various AWS services for improved efficiency.
      • Q for Developers
        • Connected to Code Whisperer
        • Provides expert advice on choice, configuration, and use of AWS services
        • Features development capabilities.
        • Improved productivity for code migrations/upgrades
      • Q for BI
        • Integration with QuickSight
      • Q for Business
        • Means to securely integrate private enterprise data with a LLM
        • Allows for democratized inquiries and analysis of enterprise data using natural language
      • Q for Customer Service
        • Integrates with Amazon Connect (AWS Customer Service Center).
        • Guided customer contact agent during the call.

8. Expanded “Zero ETL” Capabilities:

    • Automatic data movement from AWS databases to AWS data lake (RedShift).
    • Unveiling “Zero ETL” capabilities for Postgres, RDS, and DynamoDB, joining Aurora introduced last year.

9. Amazon Data Zone

    • Providing automatic recommendations for adding metadata to private enterprise data.

10. Private Networking via Project Kupier

    • AWS’ ambitious global networking effort with 1,000 low Earth orbit satellites.
    • Introduction of private data networking capabilities to Project Kupier, with testing set to begin in the second half of 2024.

As the week unfolds at Re:Invent 2023, the industry is buzzing with anticipation for the transformative impact of these announcements.